Healthy oral habits for your child!

Healthy oral habits for your child!

The American Dental Association advises that around their first birthday or around six months after the first tooth of the child becomes apparent, a child’s first visit to the best paediatric dentist in Dubai may take place. Dental treatment for early childhood is important until the safe eating habits of a child have been identified. Parents are responsible for teaching important oral hygiene practises to their children so that children can continue to keep healthy teeth in their adult lives.

Brush Twice a Day

Only because the primary teeth of an infant fell out does not mean they are to be ignored. As soon as the first milk tooth falls through, parents need to begin brushing their child’s teeth, usually about six months. It is possible to wipe the teeth of a baby with a soft cloth or with a thin, soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in water. You should apply a pea-sized volume of low-fluoride toothpaste during the toddler years. Made it part of their everyday routine to clean your child’s teeth, once after breakfast and again before bedtime.

Toss the floss in

Although it is not as easy to teach your child to floss as getting them to clean, it is an equally significant aspect of keeping proper oral hygiene. Inform the children that regular flossing will ensure that all food knowledge is extracted from between the teeth where brushing cleans the front and backs of their teeth, minimising the chance of plaque build-up. When they have two teeth that touch one another, a family dentist will suggest that parents continue flossing the teeth of their children. When they get older, take the opportunity to independently train the children to floss and maybe praise them for doing it right with a little toy or sticker.

Eat right live right

Encourage the children from a young age to follow a balanced diet and drink lots of water, so it will not only protect them from having severe health problems, but will also be effective in keeping healthy teeth. Do not offer them too much sugary sweets and liquids to strip off the enamel of their teeth and raise the chance of cavities. Instead, give them a well-balanced diet that consists of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. This is not to suggest that they will never have a special treat, please be sure right after they brush their teeth.

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