When should you replace your car tyres?

When should you replace your car tyres

Being the owner of the vehicle, you need to maintain your car as per required conformities. Making sure your car tyres’ treads are above the legal minimum of 1.6mm is on top of them. This is an easy process, done either with a tyre gauge or the simple 20p test. It is as simple as inserting a 20p into the treads on your car tyres, and if you see any of the raised rim on the coin, your tyre is illegal.  Make sure to check the tyre tread at several points around the tyre’s circumference. Do you want to buy car tyres in Dubai? Click here.

It is easy to forget your tyres while you are sitting inside the car and driving, but they are your only point of contact with the road. The way they perform is critical to both the safety and capability of your car. The car tyres are worn out a little bit more after every drive and to keep them performing well you need to keep a regular check onto them. 

When your tyres start to deteriorate below a certain point, execution will slip, and even your car itself. If you feel that your car is not gripping the road, particularly in the wet, and stopping distances are growing, this is the point you should consider getting your tyres replaced.

Although the legal minimum is 1.6mm, it is advisable to change your tyres when they hit 3mm, it is hence worthwhile to keep an eye on the tyre treads with regular checks. Regular monitoring of your tyre tread with a tread gauge allows you to see when they are getting low, rather than waiting until they are actually on the limit.

Along with checking the tyre treads, tyre maintenance also includes inspecting your tyres’ sidewalls for cracks, bulges and blisters which indicates that your tyre is leaking and could even result in a blowout. These are all signs directing towards replacing your car tyres as a matter of urgency. If cost is a concern, you can search for and buying cheap or discounted tyres online. Buy car tyres online in UAE here. 

 Tyre wear entails many factors apart from usage and age, many of which can be avoided with proper care. Check your tyre pressure regularly to ensure they are not under or over inflated, avoiding unnecessary emergency stops may also help, and having  the wheels’ alignment checked professionally at a garage especially after minor accidents are all must to dos.