What is co-working space?

What is co-working space

The term ‘co-working space’ was first introduced by the entrepreneur in San Francisco. But at that time there very few people only who were aware of this term. Few years back it got popular among the people. Co-working is a new way of working and it will shape our futures in a better way. Co-working spaces are where people from different organization share the office space, in traditional office every one work for the same company but in this type of working space people work independently on different projects. By working in a co-working space you can save the cost of utilities, equipment, parcel acceptance etc.

Why do people prefer to work in co-working space?

People who are on the business venture, choosing to work in a co-working space would be a wise choice because you don’t need to invest a lot of money, you can learn from your mentors and you get a lot of funds and it will be a great platform to introduce your newly established business or newly launched products. Coworking Dubai is very common.

How do co-working space works?

All the individuals from different organizations are placed in the same space. They provide you with the meetings rooms and a place to arrange occasions. You can use a startup office space as a freelancer, remote workers etc.

Types of co-working spaces:

There are various types’ of-working space so let’s quickly move onto the details

  • Conventional workspace: This type of workspace has a generic nature. It doesn’t gives you full privacy as it gives economic benefits. It welcome freelancers, remote workers and the people who would prefer flexibility over anything. They are common among the people because they are open for everyone, anyone can get a desk on monthly, weekly or daily rent. When you work in this type of co-working space you build a community and trust on each other. When you work in this type of space you learn more by attending events on regular basis.
  • Minimal spaces: What does a freelancer want while working? A desk where he can put his laptop or computer and good internet connection. So for the freelancers working in this type of space would be a good option. You can work in quiet environment and you might be offered a coffee for free.
  • Private workspace: When you are working with the other company members it has some threats too. This type of workspace will provide you full privacy from private kitchen to conference rooms. The team of 8 people can make up a private workspace.