Myths About Coffee

Myths About Coffee

There was a time when coffee was only meant for the rich and they wanted coffee all for themselves because they thought if coffee was made public, it will do extinct and there will be no coffee left for them. But we all know that truth will always come out and that is why when coffee was made public the rich made different myths about it so that the public doesn’t drink it, the one who were wise didn’t stop drinking it but we all know that rumors and bad news have more affect as compared to the good ones and that is why even though it is the 21st century, still people believe different myths about coffee that are absurd.

There is a weird myth that if you drink coffee in afternoon by 3 pm it will cause insomnia. The fact is that coffee do have stimulant substances which energizes you but it still doesn’t mean that it has cause insomnia. Because the coffee directly effects the liver which means that the coffee is flushed out of body which means that you can easily sleep at night. But this is a psychological effect because some people have said that if they have to do to a lot of work in the night, they drink coffee in the afternoon and they don’t sleep the whole night and feel completely fresh. You can buy best specialty coffee in Dubai and different vending machines in Dubai. There are some people who claim that they can make best coffee or they can extract different coffee tastes and according to them they boil coffee and water up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and then the coffee excretes some oils out of it and then that oils mixes with the blend and gets different kind of taste. But the world renowned coffee experts say that boiling coffee even more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit, you will get the same taste. If there is a change of that is because if you are making in a steel pan or a plastic pan, only then it will taste differently and the different coffee brands that you use or the amount of coffee you add in the water. People say that if there is a person who wants to leave alcohol should start having coffee before he/she wants alcohol but this is very wrong, it will actually give you diarrhea and different stomach problems.

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